Teaching Tips

Introduce the growth mindset

Students pursue more effective learning strategies when they see intellectual abilities as malleable i.e. have a growth mindset rather than innate i.e. having a fixed mindset. Students with a growth mindset are more willing to learn from mistakes and challenge themselves.

Integrate active learning

During the lecture, engage your students in problem solving, discussing or debating content, practicing skills, or presenting or summarizing information.

Encourage questions

By encouraging students to ask questions, you gain insights into parts of your explanation that were unclear and better understand what students find difficult about the topic.

Require students to self-assess

You can ask students to re-explain a topic to a neighbor or solve a problem that requires them to apply a new idea or skill. Students might otherwise assume that they understand the content better than they do.

Ask students for feedback

Ask for students' feedback and in written form.

Structure collaboration

To ensure that all students have access to an information support network, provide structured collaboration opportunities where students can get to know each other.

Reference: http://csteachingtips.org/

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