Picture Activity


This activity has been designed to improve communication skills and help students understand how difficult it is to formulate clear directions.

The image you are going to have students communicate should be very simple. For example, pick a couple of letters or shapes as the images that students should be communicating. If you do this activity several days in a row, then you may place more images on the picture or make something slightly more complicated.


  1. Please split the class into partners (2 students)

  2. Partner 1 is sitting in a chair facing the front of the room, and partner 2 iis sitting in a chair facing the back of the room. All pairs should be sitting back to back; half the class facing the front and the other half the back.

  3. Explain to the class that you will be showing the half facing the front a picture while the other half will not be able to see it.

  4. The goal is for Partner 1 (the students looking at the picture) to communicate what the image is to their partner.

  5. Partner 2 cannot speak or communicate in any way; they are drawing what Partner 1 is telling them to do.

  6. Allow pairs two minutes to come up with how they will communicate clearly.

  7. It should take approximately 3-5 minutes to communicate the picture.

  8. When students are done, they will hold up their drawings to see how they did.

  9. Have a discussion about what some partners said to others and how groups were successful.

  10. Allow students another 2-3 minutes to switch what partner is communicating and come up with a new strategy.

  11. Give the students another image and repeat steps 7-9.

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