Shopping Project

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You want to go shopping for computers and electronics. Create two lists. One for the name of the items and other for the cost of the items.

  • Create a menu item S that lists the items for sale and the cost

  • Create a menu item P that asks the user for 3 items to purchase and their prices.

  • Create a menu item C that print the items the user purchases and the total price.

  • Create a menu item Q that quits the program.

Example Code

shopping_list = []
shopping_cost = []
done = False
while not done:
    print("Shopping Program")
    print("S - Shop")
    print("P - Purchase")
    print("C - Checkout")
    print("Q - Quit")
    choice = input("Choice: ")
    if choice == "S":
        print("Items available to purchase")
        print("Animal Crossing $59.99")
        print("Skullcandy Headphones $29.99")
        print("Beats by Dr Dre $199.99")
        print("HP 15.6\" touchscreen laptop $499.99")
        print("ASUS 14\" touchscreen laptop $599.99")
        print("Samsung 13.3\" touchscreen laptop $849.99")
        print("HP ENVY x360 $799.99")
    elif choice == "P":
        for x in range(3):
            add_shopping_list = input("Name of Item: ")
            add_shopping_cost = float(input("Cost of Item: "))
    elif choice == "C":
        print("Items Purchased")
        for x in shopping_list:
        print("Total: ",sum(shopping_cost))
    elif choice == "Q":
        done = False
        print("Invalid Choice")

Sample Output

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